It's a new VAX!

Brand, Spanking, *NEW* VAXserver 3100-m10e

Okay, here's how it is. I was cruising fleaBay^H^H^H^H^H^H^ as I am want to do when I'm mis-behaving and I spotted a nice auction for a VAXStation 3100 in relatively "okay" condition for a 20+ year old machine after a tip-off from I think "Chuzz" one of the other denizens of the local BSD User group channel (#bugs on </shameless_plug>). Well, being a bit of a rabid VAX enthusiast I had to have a bid and was successful. Okay, now to catch a train north from Atarmon to Wahroonga to get the old girl. I was met by two friendly chaps, Richard (The seller) and Malcolm (Collecting other DEC Crimes). I was happily chatting away about all things VAX and SPIMboxen when Richard said "do you want to have a look around at some of the other things I have?" ... really stupid question. Engage kid in candy shop mode. Suffice to say I walked out of there with two brand new, still boxed and sealed ex-surplus VS3100's, a MicroVAX 3100-m40 in a BA42-B chassis, and a external BA42-A SCSI box and a misc DECsystem 5400 SPIM box (later adventures).

So, I could not wait to get home, crack the seals and release air and free a VAX that last saw daylight in the mid to late 1980's and in the hallowed DEC Maynard Mill. Here is it's pictorial tale. Enjoy, - Uridium

Photographs - Click on a thumbnail to enlarge then hit the back arrow

The box of delights

Moar box

Packing List

Inside box, insert.
Note to new kids: See DEC knew how to present "Cool To Unpack" (tm) boxes not just Apple.

Moar insert, better light (stupid pentax)

Accessories .. Oh! there's a T-piece in there (and a bear^H^H^H^H MMJ serial cable in there as well)

Under the insert

Under the insert

Moar under insert.. damn that pentax mis-behaving

Gently ease her out and pose

Yet another pentax multi-moment

Naked at last

Rear shot .. no yellowing, still shiny and new!

Pop the top and behold no rust and dual SE-Narrow SCSI controllers.. oooer! Fast-5 baby!

Side-view, no corrosion

Top-view inside and foots

Top-view inside of logic board with drive mount+SCSI controller plate removed

Here's what I was worried about, corrosion and battery spooge. Not that bad. At least DEC had the good sense to have it "off" the board, although this doesn't always help for some bad cases or if the battery was part of the TOY or front panel. This is actually really good compared to some I've seen.

Battery spooge zoom-in

It's a pentax multi-moment

Does it boot and run VMS? Yes. Of course. Why would it not? Here is a dump of my backup tape from another 3100-m10e last night running on the *NEW* VAXen.

Pride of place second from the top in the VMS cluster with other VAXen and the Alpha ES40

End of a VAX odyssey. Created with EDT on said VAX under VMS 7.3-1 naturally.
25-APR-2009 11:50