pdp-11/73 Restoration Project

There is not a great deal to see here as yet. So, I include a link to an ASCII diagram of the rear card list in the 11/73. Currently I have been continuing to clean off rat poo, repair psu's. I have jumped ahead slightly with the cpu module and my hobbyist psu, by-passing the CPU module PSU and attempting to bring up the console. I was greeted by a monitor prompt which was all quite exciting. Upon attempting to fill memory with patterns some memory chips on the M7751 were bad. Not to be deterred I selected one and recapped it. After approximately an hour of restarts, fiddling with the fill command, interrupting output and deciding to go and make a nice cup of tea, upon return I discovered I was counting incorrectly from the wrong High/Low row/col and one nibble that the opposite end of memory now worked. Lesson learned. Progress is slow but quite exciting.
I was offered this rather lovely old machine by Groggle from #bugs about a year ago. After much trouble with my old car and my father visiting from the west, we wandered down there early in July '11. It was a really lovely trip filled with beautiful people namely Grog & Yvonne, Fenix, Moira & Romni in Melbourne and dad's dear old 90+ going 21 again Aunt in Myrtleford. There was also some rather lovely cats and some nice dogs.. One giant white one which showed generous degrees restraint in not eating the guests when the mistress of the house was absent.

Update: Yeah, I should put stuff here. Now have board-sets for 11/73, 11/23, 11/23Plus (Thanks Ak!), 11/83+ (No PMI), 11/02.

Rear View card list:

ASCII Illustration

Update JUL-2015:
Okay. Recently I managed to obtain a "pdp-11V03". I'm amused that it is labeled as a "V" rather than a "-". This machine is currently being carefully restored. Here is some images from the day of collection:


I'm really partial to the look of the system. Usually I really don't care much about the appearance of things so long as they're functional. This system feels different.

Currently I am replacing the CAPS (..in progress) and PROMS (done!).