Sinclair SPECTRUM +2B

When I bought the machine, the wikipedia article said that the +2B was made in Hong Kong and I couldn't find a decent image of the board. So! Once I got mine .. it definitely need a good clean out so I decided to get my dodgey Pentax Optio-60 (Rubbish! never buy one of these, please!). My +2B seems to be a Rev.2 and made in China. Oh, by the way, most browsers "zoom" images to fit in the current browser, so you can get a higher-resolution view by clicking on the image.

Enjoy, - Uridium

Photographs - Click on a thumbnail to enlarge then hit the back arrow

Top view of the motherboard

Bottom view of the motherboard

View of the top-side of the top case + tape player

Underside view of the top cover showing the tape drive mechanics

Bottom cover under-side view. Note: Not made in Hong-Kong

Inside view of the bottom cover. Not overly interesting. Not sure what the spongy yellow bits are.

Rear-view of the top+bottom shells together.

Top view of teh keyboard.

Underside view of the keyboard.

Top of the Power Supply Unit.

Sunny-side of the Power Supply Unit

Light gun. This thing is a pretty standard RS232 interface.

Connectors for the light-gun.

Same plug, different view.

Same plug, front on view.